About Medicentres Walk-in Clinics

Medicentres Canada is a group of family health care clinics where family physicians and specialists practice in order to bring comprehensive, quality and accessible health care services to individuals and families in the surrounding communities.

Medicentres was established in 1979 by two physicians that embarked on what is now the largest group of medical clinics in Western Canada. They sought to bring accessible health care to the public in Alberta – on a non-appointment, extended hours basis.

The Medicentres organization has grown to 30 clinics in 8 Canadian cities; employs over 300 nurses, receptionists and associated health care personnel; and has nearly 200 practicing physicians. We have expanded to include a variety of specialists that work alongside our family physicians as well as offering appointments at some of our locations.

Our physicians care for patients both in a traditional family practice as well as providing episodic care to those who need to be seen by a physician on a same day basis. Appointments can be made through our Fastrack program or employers may find assistance for their injured workers through OIS or for ongoing workplace management at a variety of our clinics.

Each year, thousands of patients visit our clinics and have come to depend on us to be available at their convenience. Our patients know and can expect quality care.

Core Purpose

“Helping people feel better through quality family health care available to everyone”

Core Values


Compassion and empathy for patients,
physicians and each other.


Doing what we say we will do.


Fostering relationships by
going beyond expectations.


Working together toward common goals.