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The Medicentres Advantage

Medicentres clinics are professionally managed walk-in health care clinics. We provide accessible heath care to our communities and are open seven days a week including evenings and holidays. Today our growing network spans across three provinces with over 30 clinics. By giving you all of the support components required to manage a successful medical practice, Medicentres offers you the opportunity to grow a family practice, transfer a practice, and/or provide episodic care by focusing on your patients.

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Flexible Work Hours

With multiple locations and extended hours, we provide a scheduling system that allows your practice to grow and thrive with the flexibility to accommodate your personal needs. Full-time, part-time, appointment or non-appointment based family practice and specialty practice, episodic care – you choose what type of practice works best for you.

Involved, Supportive and Committed Professional Staff

Medicentres staff is committed to quality patient care. Physician support and customer service is our focus – thereby ensuring you have the resources required to have a successful practice. Each clinic has a dedicated Clinic Manager and support staff, ensuring your patients are prepped and cared for. We also provide medical support for physicians in Alberta to assist with patient triage and assessment, or to carry out delegated activities such as injections, wound care and ear syringing.

Integrated EMR and On-call IT Support

All Medicentres clinics in all provinces have implemented a flexible and integrated EMR system called EMR Advantage. This system is tablet based, allows for a patient’s file to be securely viewed at any location, and can be programmed specifically to meet your practice needs. Our IT Team is available during clinic hours and supports the EMR system as well as all devices within Medicentres.

Central Operations

Central Operations is the patient contact centre for all Medicentres locations. The Central reception and booking operates extended hours and is part of our focus to provide accessible health care. Central reception and booking handles incoming patient inquires, books appointments, and also takes care of internal and external specialist referrals, patient visit callbacks and various administrative tasks in support of our clinics. Central Operations can also provide your patients with reminder calls for services such as annual physicals, vaccine administration or other important visits that relate to preventative care.

Billing Support

Our in-house Billing Analyst is a one of a kind support service who works with physicians to analyze billings and provide recommendations and opportunities to increase productivity. By staying up-to- date on changes and
analyzing trends, the Billing Analyst provides individual support to each Medicentres physician. Our accounting team reviews claims for errors, submits on your behalf and actively monitors all claims to ensure payment and undertakes collection activities when necessary or provides alternatives if a billing is not allowed.

Exceptional Earnings Potential

WCB Occupational Injury Service (OIS), medical support, focus on uninsured services, extended hours, variety of practice – just a few reasons why Medicentres stands out as one of the best opportunities to maximize your earnings. Our business development team is constantly working to increase patient volume and engage with businesses to consider the opportunities for comprehensive employee services.

Practicing at Medicentres

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Our Requirements

All physicians must hold a valid license to practice in the province they choose to practice in and must be able to practice without the need for sponsorship. Physicians must provide proof of adequate coverage with the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA).

Getting Started

Our training team provides you with a customizable and comprehensive training plan to ensure you are well prepared and able to focus on seeing patients on your 1st shift. Training includes an overview of the EMR system, log in/password changes, printer set up, charting, prescriptions, schedules, billing, WCB, referrals, emergency procedures and a thorough clinic tour.

Specialty Services

We offer a variety of specialty services at some Medicentres clinics. Specialties include Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Podiatry, and Psychiatry. Patients can access services through a physician referral, and by appointment. If you are a Specialist Physician looking to join our team on a part-time or full-time basis, speak to one of our Physician Recruiters today.

Occupational Injury Service (OIS)

The WCB Occupational Injury Service (OIS) program is an employment injury assessment program done in partnership with WCB and employers. Currently Medicentres is the largest OIS provider in the Edmonton area and OIS services are growing in Calgary. The OIS program provides an opportunity for injured workers to gain access to medical assessment and care quickly. Our Fastrack nurses are highly trained on how to fulfil the requirements of OIS. They initiate the assessment, paperwork and stakeholder communication so you can focus on the medical assessment and treatment of the worker. Physicians receive expedited access to diagnostic imaging appointments for MRI, CT, ultrasound and bone scan for OIS patients as well as additional financial compensation from WCB. Speak to our Physician Recruitment team to find out if you are eligible to receive WCB training in order to provide OIS care.

Fastrack Program

The Fastrack program is a medical led care management program that allows patients to book appointments for simple conditions. Fastrack staff work collaboratively with physicians to provide comprehensive medical management of the health condition. The Fastrack staff provides a medical history, assessment within scope of practice, and teaching to the patient. The Physician is involved in every patient visit and provides medical assessment, ordering of diagnostic testing, and establishment of the medical diagnosis and elements of the treatment plan. The Fastrack program operates in all Edmonton and Calgary Medicentres locations during clinic hours.

Primary Care Network (PCN)

Physicians have the opportunity to affiliate with a PCN that Medicentres has partnered with in Edmonton or Calgary.

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