Physical Therapy, often referred to as “physiotherapy” is a branch of medicine that is focused on biomechanics and kinesiology.

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A physiotherapist is an accredited specialist who works with the structure and mechanics of how the body moves. Physical therapy is intended to focus on the treatment and prevention of ailments that reduce mobility and cause pain or discomfort. Physiotherapy is a great tool to help reduce pain or discomfort by treating the source of the problem and helping the body to accommodate for it through a variety of therapies and conditioning programs.

Anyone could, at one point or another, require or benefit from the treatment of a physiotherapist. The skills of a physiotherapist can be used to aid in injury rehabilitation, to increase mobility, as a part of chronic illness treatment, and to help some patients generally in becoming mobile, pain free, and independent. Physiotherapists work with their patients to help them through clinical practices as well as participating in research and studies to constantly improve their knowledge of the human body.


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Manual Therapy:

Manual therapy is a hands-on approach where a physiotherapist uses their hands to place pressure on muscles to manipulate and move joints. This practice is aimed at reducing pain and muscle spasms, and improving the movement of joints and muscles together.

Exercise Therapy:

Exercise therapy is often considered the core of physiotherapy. A physiotherapist can help guide their patient through strengthening and conditioning exercises that are meant to improve the body’s ability to accommodate an injury or chronic issue. Well guided exercise is meant to be optimized to develop strength with minimal pain and in the healthiest way for the body. Exercise therapy can improve many aspects of a patient’s life, including their overall strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, posture, and body awareness, as well as equipping a patient with the tools they need to manage their injuries.


Electrotherapy is a broad category of treatments that have resulted from decades of careful research. These methods all rely on adding energy of some sort directly to the body, usually subcategorized into methods using electrical, thermal, or other energy waveform (like ultrasound or electromagnetic) stimulation. Careful application of these widely varied methods has been shown to be very effective in speeding up the healing process for many injuries or ailments.

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitative branch of medical care, and is focused on trying to use non-invasive methods to treat or prevent problems with the structure of the body.

In the course of physiotherapy treatment, a patient can expect an initial evaluation to be followed through with a treatment plan tailored to their needs. Physiotherapy is not supposed to be a painful experience and is instead aimed towards limiting and reducing the amount of pain that patients experience daily. Physical therapy is not only for accidents and injury, though they do frequently deal with sports or work related concerns, but also to help manage illnesses and prevent the development of injuries. Physical therapy is a highly specialized skill that can only be properly administered through a physical therapist.

Physical therapy is heavily focused on treating a variety of problems, but is less of a diagnostic tool. While patients do not need to have a referral to see a physiotherapist in most cases, a physician could still need to be involved in the process to work to identify the problem and the best course of treatment. While preference is often given to non-invasive methods like physiotherapy, other courses of medical action could be called for to supplement physical therapy, based on each individual’s needs. A good medical team is focused on the best treatment for their patients that will meet their needs, be effective, and involve the least risks reasonably possible.

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