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A Drivers’ Medical is a routine exam, performed by a physician, meant to ensure that a person is medically fit to drive according to provincial guidelines. It’s designed to keep all of us safe, and only specific groups of people need to have it done.

Drivers’ Medicals are an uninsured service, and are paid for by either the employer or the patient.

Medicentres offers both advanced and short notice bookings for Drivers’ Medical Exams.

Medicentres offers Drivers’ Medical programs in Edmonton, Calgary and Surrounding areas.

For Employers – Medicentres Drivers’ Medical Program Includes:

  • Quick appointments
  • Accessibility
  • Preferred Rates
  • Direct Billing
  • Continuity of Care

To book your appointment:

  • visit our locations page;
  • choose the clinic that is most convenient for you; and
  • call to connect with one of our staff to then book your appointment.


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Commercial Drivers:
If you have a class 1,2, or 4 license, or have a Condition Code ‘C’, you’re required to have Drivers’ Medical examinations done periodically. Frequency of examinations may be determined by provincial requirements or the discretion of the treating physician. Some employers will pay for their employee’s Drivers’ Medical.
People aged 75 and older are required to have a Drivers’ Medical done every  2-5 years, to ensure your own safety and those around you. This cost is often covered by provincial health.
Health Conditions:
There are a variety of health conditions that may require you to have a Drivers’ Medical done to ensure that it’s safe for you to drive. An example of these health conditions is diabetes.