Enhanced Services

Not all health services are covered by provincial health care. Services that are considered not medically necessary are uninsured. Patients are obligated to pay for these uninsured services.

Provincial health care covers all services considered medically necessary; those that aren’t are paid by the patient.

There are many types of enhanced services.

These Services Include:

  • Driver’s Medical reports
  • Office visits or medical exams without a valid health care card (so remember to bring it along)
  • Transferring medical records
  • Third party insurance forms and reports
  • Government agency reports
  • School and employment related reports and forms
  • Certain medical procedures and injections
  • Various clinical administrative charges
  • Treatment of some warts
  • Disabled parking placard form completion
  • Prospective adoptive/foster parent form completion
  • Senior’s residence form completion

Not all enhanced services are listed here. If you are unsure whether or not provincial health will cover your visit, please ask our clinic staff.